Private Client Services

At Allina Family Office we define our role as the protector and guardian of your wealth for the present and future generations. We provide you the necessary services you need to support your personal, family, commercial and entrepreneurial interests. Please find below more information on the services we provide.

Structuring and Administration

When it comes to our private client services, we help our private clients, high-net worth individuals and international businesses with trust and corporate services
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Private and Corporate Trusts

A Trust (or Settlement) is an arrangement where property is held by one party, the trustees, for the benefit of another, the beneficiaries or a specific purpose.
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Private Trust Companies

A Private Trust Company is an entity with a single purpose of acting as a trustee in regards to a certain trust or trust structure.
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A foundation is often compared to a trust, because its assets are held for one of two reasons
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Family Office Services

Calling ourselves a family office, our definition of it is the provision of international, multi-generational family’s central mind,
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Purpose Trusts and Special Purpose Vehicles

Purpose trusts and special purpose vehicles are entities created to give solutions for a financial need or jurisdictional need
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Charitable Trusts

A charitable trust or foundation is a trust that anyone can create in order for some assets to be given to charitable causes
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Intellectual Property

When it comes to today’s economy and for most businesses, intangible assets exceed physical assets, in terms of growth contribution and value
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Payroll Services

Your business needs payroll. However, running payroll across borders in one or multiple jurisdictions can be a difficult, time-consuming task
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