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Cyprus is an English-speaking EU and Eurozone country that is geographically close to the Middle East and Africa, and has excellent company formation and taxation planning services.  

Cyprus is a member of the European Union, European Economic Council and at the same time it is also a British Commonwealth country (formerly under British administration).

The jurisdiction enjoys solid bilateral partnerships and excellent relationships with the rest of the world, such as with the US, Canada, Middle East, North Africa, Russia, CIS countries, India, South Africa and Australia.  

The currency of Cyprus is the Euro (EUR).  

The legal system of Cyprus is primarily based on the English legal system and the principles of common law and equity, with some civil law influences. Following Cyprus’ accession to the European Union, European Law has supremacy over the Cypriot constitution and national laws.

As a widely recognised international finance centre, Cyprus is attractive for the following services:

  • Private Trusts
  • Foundations
  • Cyprus International Trusts
  • Special Purpose Vehicles
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