Corporate Client Services

For our local or multinational corporate clients, we incorporate new companies, administer them and provide accounting services allowing the stakeholders to focus on their core activities. We provide our services throughout the world thanks to our strong international network of trusted firms such as banks, law firms, registered offices, investment managers and payroll agents. Whether in Hong Kong or in Italy, offshore or onshore, we have the experience to manage and administer companies around the globe. Please click through the different panels below to learn more.

Formation and Implementation

When it comes to starting up a business or subsidiary, you need experienced people on your side
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Domiciliation and Management

Based upon what your company’s needs are, we provide you with a registered address
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Legal Administration

All companies have a life cycle. Companies are created and, in time, may be liquidated
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Accounting and Reporting

More and more corporations have come to us to outsource part of their company’s accounting and reporting
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Intellectual Property

When it comes to intellectual property, people often think of copyrights, trademarks and patents
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Treasury Management Services

When your business outsources its treasury management to highly knowledgeable service providers like us, it frees them up
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Employee Benefit Trusts

An employee benefit trust is an arrangement where employees are granted shares or some other kind of incentive which assists in recruiting
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Managed Trust Companies

A Managed Trust Company is an arrangement by which Allina Family Office may take the responsibility for the operational functions of a trust business
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